Detroit Trip - Remainder of Day 2

Saw blue grass country,blue grass horses and three bourbon places. All depend on limestone aquifers. Provides filtered water for breweries and calcium for blue grass and horses. A shot of bourbon a day is said to help people with osteoporosis.


View of Frankfort KY Capitol bldg from cemetery/Daniel Boone grave

Blue grass country - huge stables, huge houses - Mr, Bob's daughter lives near such a place in Camden, women are hard with leather faces (not his daughter)

Wild Turkey distillery near LawenceBurg. I drank two shots in memory of my old dad. Visited two other distillers... Buffalo Trace (Frankfort) and Woodford Reserve (Versailles) - drank a shot of cream bourbon at Buffalo place - very good. Two places had bourbon chocolate candy with pecan on top. Trace named after path worn by buffalo. Pioneers followed these trace paths.

Blue Grass mares and offspring - saw some horses with blinders. Lovely creatures, but stupid and temperamental. 

At Woodford Reserve - two large Australian and two large somber men - who might have been brothers - chapel-like place just before tour - Buffalo Trace also had chapel.

Where barrels are stored for anywhere up to 23 years. Lots of these buildings. Wood in some Buffalo Trace buildings over 200 years old. Bourbon gets color, flavor from char inside barrels. Starts our as clear moonshine. Very complicated process. Bourbon, barrels seem to be alive. 

Me at mash vat.

Barrel storage.

Looking toward Frankfort from cemetery on hill across Kentucky.

Daniel Boone's resting place

Capitol at Franfort. Lovely town. Lots of old funky places. 

Optical illusion at Buffalo Trace pointed out by Freddie genial tour guide. Third generation in business.

Funky places in Frankfort. Top of Mr, Bob's hat in BMW. Not so funky. 

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