Detroit Trip - Day 3

Through the Ohio Valley and beyond. In last of blue grass country Bob noted that many of the big houses must belong to nouveau riche - that classy people lived in the old houses. I said I wanted a low house built into side of rolling pasture. He wanted an old house where he could dress up as colonel sanders.  We got into political and race discussion. Bob noted that the lawn jockeys had changed color. Offered a modest proposal.

Discussed health. Bob said he was worried that I might have an episode, and, not knowing who I was, sell car, buy fast motorcycle and disappear out West riding 100 MPH. Said if I was wandering lost in lobby at breakfast he would leave me. I said that if he died I would have him cremated put him in trunk and keep on going.

We discussed day at Belmont festival I bought confederate battle flag from re-enactors how I  waved flag around to the discomfort of my companions (Allie seeing the unease wanted to join in) then buried flag upside down where people sat on hill. He said I was weak.

We drove slowly along back roads through countryside and little towns. All in a state of genteel decline. Every house every business slightly different - people same, different. Each town with it's own historical society.  We agreed that the trick to these trips is to stay off interstates, drive slowly and and watch details. Greet people. BMW rumbled in tasteful agreement.

Paris Ky (in Bourbon county) - same name as my mother's family. Every little town has sad boutiques, coffee shops, maybe an art gallery, failing book store. But lovely in decline. Death becomes towns, barns falling back to earth

Bourbon county courthouse

Harriet Beacher Stowe stayed here. Bob wanted me visit this liberal place. 

Place appealed to me.

Maysville Ky estate overlooking Ohio River.

Beat up cab parked near river overlook.

Woman on steps overlooking the river waiting for driver of beat up cab to show up. We startled her. On whim I asked to take her picture. Who could refuse jolly old men. A story here.

Bridge over Ohio.

Mr. Bob beside river.

Me beside river. Fanny pack (resembling a codpiece) is to keep glasses safe. In past several months I have lost more than $500 dollars worth of glasses. Bob says I am last of big time spenders. I say he is tight.

Limestone strata underlies everything.  Near surface. Might be looking at 50m years of geologic history. The people live a few feet removed from time.

Little three or four car ferry across Ohio. No waiting, just show up, pay 5 dollars and ferry goes. Ferry operator might hate us.

Where Little Eliza and Uncle Tom crossed frozen river - another liberal place Bob wanted me to see.

Place has same name as Bob' daughter Robin. Featured Elvis and Marilyn posters - a few James Deans. "We ate hot dogs here and were stared at in amazement by locals. I offered a  jolly hello. 

More in the series "urinals I have seen". 

Darrin designed Packard at Packard museum. Not really a car, but art object.


V-16 engine. Intake manifold is inside head and there are two coils - one for each bank. Only Karen will understand this.

50 Packard like the one in which my dad, his boss and two coworkers went West ostensibly looking for a new supply of lumber for Shelby Millwork - reportedly they were drunk for 10,000 miles.

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