Detroit Trip Day 1

Rambling notes - no pictures.

Started at 8:00 AM got to Hampton Inn in Lexington about six - 450 miles or so.

Half interstate style roads, half back roads. Back roads twisty - fun in Mr.Z.  Pushing but not really threatening the edge. Little towns and odd establishments  along narrow valleys. Abandoned house, cars being reclaimed.  Part of the scene. Endless wooded hills. I imagined walking into woods - no paths or trails - followed by curious bears and coyotes - lost - being reclaimed.

Mr Bob changed gears dropping through sharp bends.

Ran low on gas while I was driving my section of twisty roads. Getting panicky I asked a startled man on  a bicycle - no spandex here - about gas. He told us about place down the road but when we got there one  pump was out of order and the other unavailable because the place was closed.

Seams of coal in sheer rock faces loom over  road. Layer upon layer of million year old compacted sediment. Time.

Finally getting gas we were waited on by exquisite teenage girl who seemed unreal. When I went out  to bathroom a boy in a pickup yelled how you doing sir? He might have been threatening but I chose to believe otherwise and yelled back not bad how about you?

Bits of dreams or other trips a thousand years ago - hard to tell which.

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