Detroit Trip - Early Morning, Day 2

Noteworthy road dreams (Mr. Bob is afraid I'll have an episode)...

Another guy and I are doing bank consulting work for Capt Jean Luc Picard (of Starship Enterprise). Piccard's daughter - an eager young woman - is part of the team. Assuming control of the group, she tries to explain banks. I deliver an extended lecture to her about how I've been working for banks for 10 years. She hides her head in shame and I feel guilty. Picard just looks on.

I go with people to the house of a woman I want to meet. She is prickly but desirable. She is perhaps  the woman who co-authored a piece in Scientific American on non-locality. She lives in a bungalow in a neighborhood of bungalows. She looks at me then several men of higher social standing get her attention.  

At 5:00 AM I do exercises and fight my image in the mirror.

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