Burke Garden, Blue Ridge Parkway

Third trip.  Following Mr. Bob's directions, Karen and I managed to do it without getting lost .

Links to previous trips...
Other Worlds
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This trip
Flowers growing on striated rocks on side of road.

 Overlooking Garden. After limestone top of mountain collapsed to form Garden, there was lake filling up hole. Fossils only living in water have been found near top. Gap to right of Karen was formed by sesismic (?) event. That's where lake drained.

Old general store and post office.

 Everybody gets a road sign. Guy mowing grass in front of church (where Karen and I ate elaborate picnic lunch) said that Garden is becoming populated by old people and retirees - plus people who lave leased large tracks of land (one 1,000 acres) where they stay in the summer. And some Amish have moved in.

 Price of gas when general store was in operation.

Mr. Bob and I ate here a couple of years ago.  I had a sort of mystical experience - maybe Mr. Bob did too. I wrote about it.  See Other Worlds link.
A series of pictures shot off Blue Ridge parkway where we had lunch. I was reminded of a similar place in childhood or dream of childhood.


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