Peed at by ewe, etc

Burke's Garden,
Wytheville VA . Guy on Honda headed for Chicago.  

Up gravel road toward Burke's Garden, VA. 

Bad place.

Near top.

Looking down into Burke's Garden. An oval depression about 25 miles long and 5 miles wide surrounded by a circle of mountains . Two gravel roads and one paved road in and out. One of gravel roads is bad. No store in valley. Nearest town 10-15 miles over mountain.  

At bottom . 

House not atypical. All are supported by working farms.

Church established in 1828.

Functional nevertheless.

Peed at by ewe.  Lots of animals - cows, sheep, goats and other things. 

Herd of camels - more behind.

Small mountain deer hides in woods - part of a group of three.  Camouflage makes them nearly invisible. VDOT guy we chatted with on road going up said coyotes kill deer. Bear also roam woods. He thought cougars too - although they are not supposed to be here


Tried to get out on another gravel road (to left). It quickly became dirt and went  bad and we backed out. VDOT guy had without committing himself advised against it.

Downtown Harlan Kentucky - supposed to meth, marijuana capital of U.S.  Looked OK to me, although coming in saw some really bad trailers. Could imagine meth being cooked there. Marijuana grown out back.

Mr. Bob. We are at Cumberland Gap overlook.

Mr. Tom, who, going crazy, bought hat. Also lost lost eye glasses. Bored Mr. Bob with talk of black Lincoln Town car with loud mufflers and big bumper guard up front.

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