dream documentation

First series of dreams about dreams. When I woke up after each,  made no sense - pure abstractions.  In dream I knew that I if completed series so I could get up. When I woke up after first I thought I was done and was disappointed when I saw it was only 12:30 AM. Same with remainder of series - I thought I was done but discovered when waking up that it was still early.

Dream in unkempt front yard of non-descript little house - maybe Lee Street house when I was 10. Yancie or Allie was playing on sofa in front. I sat down on another sofa discovered rocks - blamed Yancie/Allie - told her it would cost 1000 to replace - she was ashamed started to clean off her sofa, Walking back towrd house I wondered why we had sofas out there, that the lawn needed mowing, that we should get regular lawn chairs.

Dreamed I had surgery/test in clinic sort of place, afterward a pleasant barber wanted me to mail him results of test. For some reason I had procedure done again, just to be sure. When they were about to cut my stomach, told me my tee-shirt was dirty. I didn't believe it but when I looked I saw that it was true. Afterward the same barber seemed not to know me but trimmed the hair on the back of my head. He also asked to be sent the results of procedure. When doctor came I could not remember why I wanted to have work done again, This upset me but he didn't seem to care, '

I was with some police who thought that an abandoned aircraft hanger housed bad guys. When we went in we discovered attractive female cops doing calisthenics. Some were wearing two-pieces bathing suits.. They thought our mistakes were funny,

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