Detroit Trip - Day 6

Visiting Gilmore car museum and car show at Hickory Corner Michigan. Side trips to Kalamazoo and downtown Battle creek  Divided into thee parts - people, cars, towns. This time I went for "art shots" - but many many more pictures.

General Notes which might or might not apply to this day or this trip (Major Notes and Captain Notes other places )..

Old couples touching, melancholy, nice. In the song Chicago there is a line "I saw a man he danced with his wife."  At Gilmore, one old man was attended by sick, fragile wife. At a tool display, another old man proudly announced "I have a wrench like that". His wife - amused, affectionate, said "Yes dear I am sure you have."

It seems that every Hampton Inn has a companion Cracker Barrel. Look for one find the other. Good  bit of road knowledge.

I am doing creative miss-hears, miss-reads. On one placard I saw the word "flame" when it was actually "fame" - changing meaning in an odd way.

This has been a trip of odors - horse shit and bourbon in blue grass country, toasting Wheaties in Battle Creek, cigars smoked by grand old boys outside at Gilmore with their Packards, Dusenburgs, Rolls. Also sitting here, having gotten up too early - there are whiffs of odors that are not there.

Tired at Mexican place Bob gives scary evil eye to aggressive waiter and I snap one word responses edging toward craziness. The waiter backs off.

At traffic`light in Kalamazoo I look toward pretty young woman in next car who is singing silently to some music that perhaps only she can hear. Seeing me she smiles, waves and drives off.

When I tell Karen about pleasant rumble BMW makes and how I would like WRX to be a little louder she says that rumble is the sound of  money.

Battle Creek once had a world famous colonic  clinic founded my Dr. Kellog.  In addition to enemas, they featured (according to movie Road to Wellville) electro stimulation of testicles and clitoral massages. Seen driving into Battle Creek is a sign "Full Blast Family Center".

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