Day 7 - Detroit Trip (with dogs and man in speedo) )

We were going to tour Edsel Ford's estate in Grosse Pointe but encountered a bunch of dogs being walked around grounds by happy people.  Bob said, "Those damn people must be crazy." Then he observed that such dog owners are certainly liberal - that conservative dog owners would just hire somebody to walk dogs.

Instead we went to Chrysler museum. Then we rode around downtown Detroit before returning to motel in Auburn Hills. (I forgot my camera for these last tours.) 

More General Notes....

Saw an old man Saturday  at Gilmore Museum and car show wearing short shorts  or speedo - I tried to take a picture but was afraid of attracting his attention. 

All older waitresses here sound like Marge Gunderson from movie Fargo. I like them."And here ya are, and it's a beautiful day." Younger waitresses (not all) tend to sound like valley girls - calling customers  "guys" and when you ask for something replying with vacant enthusiasm, "No problem." 

Got a little dark and sardonic at dog place - and though the feeling didn't altogether go away (it never does - can't speak for Bob) managed to recognize the people as fellow humans - with all that entails. 

Close in to downtown Detroit we passed through a wilderness of empty buildings as dangerous as jungle in Apocalypse Now. Heart of Darkness stuff. Expected to see tiger leap out- and somebody whisper "the horror, the horror." No part of Gastonia is as bad as this.

I had urge to enter jungle, find Kurtz (who might be managing corner boys dealing dope). Have also had urge to walk into forests through which we sometimes pass. I imagine the heavy growth on side of road thins out. Sunday coming toward Detroit, Bob saw two deer looking at us across verge. 

Art deco tower in downtown Detroit was one of several buildings that influenced Gotham Tower in Batman. 

In suburbs saw lots of empty office buildings. When woman at restaurant asked if we thought the South would rise again I said it had.   

Uninformed speculation - old industrial cities like Detroit deal mostly in manufactured stuff.  Cities like Charlotte that have moved away from manufacturing deal mostly in data. Maybe this is unreal stuff; maybe it is most real stuff there is. 

When we were passing through a residential neighborhood, a woman working in her yard stopped and stared. I take these looks to be appreciative, but maybe...

Going to this place, encountered...'


and these...

which bothered this

and this 

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