"Detroit Trip" - Day 8 - FORD PLANT & MUSEUM - 6/11

Huge place in Dearborn - not so much about cars as history.

Visited plant where Ford pickups are assembled then toured museum. Took all day.
General Notes

Lots of kids on tours running not quite wild but close. One docent shouted, "Where are your adults?" (This same docent tried to make Bob and I walk in a certain direction but we walked the other way.)  For some reason I didn't get mad at kids - I found them amusing, touching. Nowadays whenever I see kids I wonder about the world they will find.
 Many exhibits showed evolution from steam to electricity and conversion of energy to work. This made industrialization possible.  
It seemed that all phases in development of industrialization  made it possible for fewer workers to do more - which tends to reduce the number of consumers for the products made by fewer workers.      Efficiency is a double edge sword. We'd be in deep shit if it were not for growth. If growth plateaus out - well.. 
I could not get anyone to give me exact figures but it is obvious that new Ford truck plant gets more done with fewer people. I saw a number of robots in action. I also saw a number of tasks performed by humans that could be done 

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