Mt Mitchell - 6/30/13

In preparation for Leadville trip I drove to Mt. Mitchell to check out tolerance for reduced O2, navigation skills, etc,  Everything was OK although many of us panted going up paved but somewhat steep path to top. When I was going down an oriental guy going up gave me a thumbs up as he trudged. For the hell of it I walked down a real trail. That's where the picture of me was taken.

I will go back 7/8 with Mr. Bob to re-check O2 tolerance and simply to go. I like the ride, especially road 80 - it winds and winds and climbs and climbs. And there were several mysterious gravel roads crossing the parkway - reminding  me of the path Bob and I were on in his Big Guy. The path was supposed to cross the Parkway, but it became a creek and disappeared. We could hear the cars overhead on the Parkway. The GPS said we were nowhere.

I encountered a fair number of solitary old men. Several were driving Mustangs; one was in a Corvette. One was driving a dirty white Subaru WRX.  Some were riding motorcycles. We gathered at separate tables in the restaurant looking out at the mountains. That will be the trick won't it?  I had Blackberry Cobbler for lunch.

PS (7/5/13) - Added another picture - trees in the front - mountain in the background.


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