Greek Thanksgiving

One of the best - certainly the most different - Thanksgiving I've ever been to

On a family farm near Darlington. There were guns, a bonfire and fireworks - as well as horses, dogs, motorcycles, and four wheelers - and distinguished patriarchs and matriarchs, pretty women and lively men. Fascinated by these sights I neglected to shoot pictures of the real work done by the women (e.g. preparing the fine food) .  The guy stuff was a side show to the women's main show.

I only include the most representative pictures. For the record, I shot two borrowed .38 revolvers, one 9mm Beretta, a double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun which hammered my shoulder, and another auto shotgun. People said I hit a few targets but I think they were being kind. Nicholas (Karen's seven year old grandson ) was maybe the best shot with a .22. Forgetting all moderation I filled up on food and firearms. 

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