No attempt to make sense of this - more of a documentary effort, capturing images, impressions.

I was in a northern country, maybe Sweden. An indifferent intelligent place. I might have been with criminals, people who didn't belong here, who were up to no good.I might have one of them.

I met a girl in a public place, maybe a gallery that featured sparse bloodless art. She was thin and blond - pretty - not exactly friendly or inviting. She seemed bothered by something and suspicious of me. But she came with me anyway - as if I offered unlikely hope.

We were in a room and I noticed the ocean beyond the window. The water was covered in snow and ice but people played in it, swimming in paths they cleared through the snow and ice. They seemed to have fun, not to notice the cold.

I was asleep and she was nearby. I became aware that it was the most restful sleep in a long time. I savored that, at peace. Then I peered in the half light at the girl lying beside me. I saw her cat eyes looking back at me, amused but sympathetic.

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